In addition to the hunts listed below, I usually come across other hunts throughout the season. Contact Tim at (888) 686-7471 for these special opportunities,and for availability. Click here for exotic and wild game hunt pricing.

Whitetail Buck Hunt Kerrville, Tx
Price: $2500 or $3500
Includes: 1 Whitetail Buck

The $2500 hunt will be over feeders on around 800 acres that is next to 700 acres that is not hunted. There is also some exceptional Axis, Blackbuck, & Sika on this ranch. I think there is a decent chance of taking a 120 to135 class buck on this hunt. The $3500 hunt is on a high fenced managed area of this same ranch. It will be over feeders and possibly safari style. I think there is a good chance of taking a buck up to 145 class, maybe even a little bigger.

Whitetail Buck-Doe Combo Hunt Rocksprings, Tx
Price: $2200
Includes: 1 Whitetail Buck & 1 Whitetail Doe

This hunt will be over feeders for a mature Whitetail buck. This ranch also has several species of exceptional Exotic Bucks that could be taken in place of the Whitetail Buck if the hunter prefered. I have seen some 120-130 class bucks on this ranch.

Big Management Buck Hunt Fredericksburg, Tx
Price: $2500
Includes: Up to 139" class management buck hunt

This is a 3 day hunt with 1 guide per hunter. It includes 3 nights lodging with meals. 50% deposit required to hold hunt. Cleaning and caping included. License and gratuities not included.

This ranch is producing some really nice bucks, but to do this they must kill some management deer. That's where this hunt comes in. You will be hunting with a guide for a mature White tail buck that is probably gonna be an 8 pointer up to, but not including, 140 class. If time permits, and the opportunity presents itself, after harvesting your buck, you may be allowed to kill a white tail doe or two.

Also, there is a possibility of killing additional smaller management bucks if bucks shows up that your guide feels needs to be taken for management purposes. The doe and smaller buck are not guaranteed, but are often part of the harvest.

The lodging is probably the nicest I have ever seen, with a huge game room, panoramic windows to view game coming to drink and to feeders, beautiful trophy animals on the walls, big fireplace, a nice patio overlooking the lake, a smaller game room with a laser shooting game, and a professional kitchen that they know how to use to produce some exceptional grub. This aint gonna be a "roughin it" type situation. The ranch is located in the beautiful Texas Hill Country just a couple of hours west of Austin or Northwest of San Antonio.

The ranch has its MLD Permits so rifle hunting can begin the first weekend in October, this is a month earlier than regular season. Your deer will be tagged with a MLD permit tag, so you will not have to use any of your regular license tags.

Most of the larger trophy bucks are already spoken for, but if interested call me for availability. Minimum of 4 hunters at a time for this hunt, but if you are alone or have a smaller group, I may be able to combine you with another small group..

Whitetail or Exotic Buck Hunt in Mountain Home, Tx
Price: $1700
Includes: 1 Whitetail Buck OR 1 Exotic Buck & 1 Whitetail Doe

This hunt will be mostly over feeders on a 1700 acre high fence ranch. You will more than likely get your Whitetail buck, but if you see an Axis, or Sika you would rather take, you may do so in place of your Whitetail Buck. I think their is a good chance of taking a 125-135 class buck on this ranch. This hunt is very limited and usually books up early

Call Tim Azlin at 888-686-7471 for more information.