We are currently offering exceptional:

Axis & Sika for $1800-$2000
Blackbuck for $1600-$1850
Fallow for $2100- $2600
Aoudads P.O.R Red Stags for $3200- $4200
Huge Dybouski Sika for $2600
Huge Manchurian Sika for $2600
Barasingha for $3800
Elk for $4200 & up
Piere David Deer for $5000
Scimitar Oryx for $3200-$3500
Sambar for $5600
Persian Gazelle for $3800
Water Buffalo for $2500-$3200
  Afghan Urials for $4500
Red Sheep & Armenian Mouflons for $2800-$3500
Mouflons for $1400-$2500
Texas Ibex for $1600
Markhor for $9500-$11000
Lechwe for $3800-$4500
Eld's Deer for $9000-$9500
& several species of rams including Corsican, Texas Dall,Black Hawaiian, Mouflon, Painted Desert, 4-Horn, Catalina Goatfrom $300 to $1600 with several prices in between.
Trophy Wild Boar Hogs for $400-$600.

The reason there is price ranges for some animals is because we are hunting several different ranches, and the prices may vary from ranch to ranch. When we discuss your hunt, let me know what your priorities for the hunt are, and that will help determine which ranch we should to hunt to meet your needs. I usually have some various doe hunts, call for availability.

Other Super Exotics are available, call for pricing.Azlin Taxidermy is NTA certified and an Award of Excellence winning studio, and has completed 82 Lifesize mounts for 4 Cabella's stores, and numerous life-size and shoulder mounts for the Houston Gander Mountain stores. We would be happy to do your taxidermy work from the hunts, but definitely understand if you already have a taxidermist you would rather stick with.

For more information, contact Tim Azlin at (888) 686-7471 or azlinhunting@peoplepc.com