Howdy Everyone, Welcome to the Azlin Hunting Adventures website. I try to update the pictures on my website on a regular basis from my recent hunts and scouting trips. These pictures are from my most recent trips and are a true representation of what we are hunting now. Some of the live photos are not the greatest of quality because the animals were far away, and it was the best I could get. We are hunting several ranches through out the Texas Hill Country into South Texas.

I currently have available several Whitetail hunts and packages and 40+ species of exotics. We offer exotic doe, ram, and hog hunts starting at $300, and several species of trophy exotic deer starting at $1600-$1800. We also have some exceptional trophy animals on some of the ranches, priced on request. I have access to many species that are normally hard to find. If you are looking for something in particular call me. Our lodging varies since we are hunting several ranches.

Most of the ranches I hunt have lodging available for a reasonable fee, and sometimes we may have to get a motel depending on the ranch and availability. I have kids and enjoy hunting with kids. We can work with a new hunter on their first hunt all the way to a seasoned hunters trophy hunt of a lifetime. I can accommodate 1 or 2 hunters, but can also take care of big groups or corporate hunts. I don't work for any ranch, I work for you. My first priority is to get you the best hunt and on the best animal for the money that I can.

By having access to over 12 ranches I can get you the best hunt for the animal you want and not be worried about what is available on just one particular ranch. Every ranch has its strong points, and we use that to your benefit. Give us a chance to satisfy your hunting needs and dreams and you won't be disappointed. I currently have available excellent Whitetail, Axis, Blackbuck, Fallow, Sika, Manchurian & Dybouski Sika, Red Stag, Aoudad, Scimitar Oryx, Nilgai, Afghan Urials, Red Sheep, Armenian Mouflon, Bison, Persian Gazelle, Arabian Oryx, Lechwe, Water Buffalo, Markhor, Texas Ibex and lots of other Super Exotics.

Email me or call with questions, or to get on my email list for specials or current happenings. Email: or call: (888) 686-7471.

Lets Go Huntin,
Tim Azlin